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The Observer on seven methods of killing kylie jenner (Royal Court)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Milli Bhatia’s fierce production is striking, bewildering, haunting."


Blue Mist by Mohamed-Zain Dada (Royal Court Theatre)

Blue Mist by Mohamed-Zain Dada 

A Royal Court and Sister Pictures production

Directed by Milli Bhatia
Ft Arian Nik, Omar Bynon and Salman Akhtar
Produced by Jasmyn Fisher-Ryner
Design by Tomás Palmer
Movement Direction by Theophilus O Bailey
Lighting Design by Elliot Griggs
Sound Design by Elena Peña
Stage Manager (on book): Catt Padgham
Stage Manager (props): Catriona Mchugh
Costume Supervisor: Isabelle Cook
Production Manager: Tabitha Piggot
Outreach Coordinator: Hannah Ali

photography by Ali Wright

“Shisha lounges are an essential part of the Muslim experience bruv, like the Fillet o Fish” 

Chunkyz Shisha Lounge is a home away from home for Jihad, Rashid and Asif, a space where community whispers are heard, jokes are told and new hustles are born. But its future is under threat, having become a target for local politicians. 

Aspiring journalist, Jihad wants to fight back. After winning a competition to produce his own documentary, he sets out to create something that gives a voice to his community and challenges the usual stereotypes that fill the airwaves. 

Will Jihad be able to create something that makes his boys proud? Or will his dreams of becoming a journalist come at a cost too high to bear? 

“A good journalist doesn’t always play friendly. In fact, they mostly don’t”

further information here
seven methods of killing kylie jenner by Jasmine Lee-Jones (Royal Court Theatre Upstairs/Downstairs/Public Theater NYC/Woolly Mammoth DC 2019/2021/2023)

photography by Helen Murray and Myah Jeffers

seven methods of killing kylie jenner by Jasmine Lee-Jones

nominated for the Olivier Award for outstanding achievement in an affiliate theatre

Directed by Milli Bhatia

Ft Tia Bannon and Danielle Vitalis (2019) / Leanne Henlon (2021/2023)
Design by Rajha Shakiry
Associate Design by Jemima Robinson
Lighting Design by Jessica Hung Han Yun and Amy Mae
Sound Design by Elena Peña
Movement Direction by Delphine Gaborit
Stage Managers: Sylvia Darkwa-Ohemeng, Ella Saunders, Constance Oak and Mica Taylor
Assistant Director : Shereen Hamilton
Voice and Dialect : Hazel Holder and Eleanor Manners
Theraputic Associate : Wabriya King
Makers : Syeda Bukhari and Ella Callow
Scenic Artist : Alice Collie
Production Manager : Marius Ronning

further information here

seven methods of killing kylie jenner explores cultural appropriation, queerness, friendship and the ownership of black bodies online and IRL.

“Look it’s two two tweets that helped me vent my frustrations. It’s really not that deep…”

Holed up in her bedroom, Cleo’s aired twenty-two Whatsapps from Kara and has cut off contact with the rest of the world. It doesn’t mean she’s been silent though – she’s got a lot to say. On the internet, actions don’t always speak louder than words…

I’m weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeak”

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